Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to the launch of Alex Ma’s Solo Exhibition. It is my great pleasure to say a few words
about Alex and this exhibition.

Those of you who know Alex know that he is a skilled artist in every sense of the word. Alex specialises in multi-media and is widely acclaimed as a painter, photographer, as well as a designer and film art director. It is indeed exceptional to find such a wide range of skills in a single individual. His obvious talent, academic background, experience and uniquely creative techniques are further re-inforced and enriched by his embrace of high-tech innovations in design.

Alex was born in HK and graduated from the then HK Polytechnic in both Graphic and 3-D designs. He then went on to obtain a Post Graduate Degree in design from the University of Tecnology, Sydney and a Master Degree in Multi-media from the University of Sydney. Forever keen in the pursuit of knowledge, Alex is now doing a PhD in film and digital art at the University of Sydney.

In HK, Alex worked as an Art Director and Design consultant for various multinational corporations before setting up his own company 1A Communications Ltd. in 1979, which became one of the top design companies in the territory. 1A Communication Pty. Ltd. in Sydney was set up in 1991, 6 years after Alex and Nancy emigrated to  Australia, and is now one of the largest and most successful multi-cultural  marketing companies in the country, boasting clients such as Citibank, Qantas Airways, Toyota, Virgin Atlantic Airways, HSBC, Bank of China, HK and Economic Trade Office, HK Tourism Board, the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, the Premier’s Department and many others. Over the years Alex has received many design awards and his work has been published by numerous design magazines and widely exhibited in HK and other countries, including a multi-media CD-Rom kept in the library of the University of Sydney. Alex has been invited regularly by universities and government organisations to give presentations and lectures as well as provide design and planning services for important official events.

Believing that a simple life is a beautiful life, Alex and Nancy made a bold decision to walk away from their busy and lucrative careers in 2007 in pursuit of life’s other ideals, and their love of art. The exhibition today is in many ways a milestone of that new life.

This exhibition consists of three segments: there are eight oil paintings -  four of  which reflect Alex’s love of nature and animals and are vivid paintings of  Alex’s and Nancy’s dog and cat, and the plentiful birdlife that abounds around their house. Another four oil paintings are a novel way of re-creating traditional Chinese landscape depicting the four seasons, with western techniques. Alex painted these in memory of his father, who was himself a renowned Hong Kong painter and taught Alex to paint from the age of three.

The second segment comprises two silk screen paintings of propaganda art. They are part of  Alex’s creative coursework for his PhD studies. Alex has conducted considerable research into the content of the paintings and they have a compelling story to tell.

The final segment is a series of 23 limited editions of digitalised photographic images of the harbour and its surrounds, which will simply take your breath away.

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, welcome to the exhibition which will go on until 5 June and please enjoy the viewing.


Launch of Alex Ma’s Art Exhibition

Introduction by

Jenny Wallis

Former Director of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, Australia & New Zealand

My Solo Exhibition

29 May 2010

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