Minister for Citizenship and Communities Victor Dominello MP today launched the 2011 National Multicultural Marketing Awards, an initiative of the NSW Community Relations Commission (CRC).
“The Multicultural Marketing Awards recognise and reward the achievements of government agencies, business enterprises and community groups in implementing strategies that target the culturally diverse community that is NSW,” Minister Dominello said.
“The Awards aim to promote the advantages for commercial managers of marketing their product or service to every potential client or customer that exists within our many multicultural communities.
“They also highlight the responsibility of public sector managers to cater to the needs of the whole community and to fully inform all people about the services available to them.
“These awards also inspire marketers to meet the challenges, and subsequently enjoy the economic benefits, of marketing to a culturally diverse society.
“The NSW Government wants to see a new direction in multicultural affairs and move away from the mere tokenism of the past. This Government sees multiculturalism as not only a great way of life, but also an asset to the economy of NSW.
“We are committed to developing partnerships, working with business people in the community and harnessing their linkages with their original homelands.
“In addition, working with consulates to increase dividends and opportunities for the people of this state is another area that needs to be made a priority,” Minister Dominello said.
Nominations for the National Multicultural Marketing Awards are judged under seven categories: Commercial Big Business; Commercial Small Business; Government; Advertising and Communication Award; Technical Award; Export Award; and Community Award. A grand winner, Multicultural Marketer of the Year, is chosen from the category winners.
Nominations are now open and will close on 31.08.2011. Please visit the CRC website for more information at

The Minister for Citizenship and Communities, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, launching the 2011 National Multicultural Marketing Awards.

Minister launches National Multicultural Marketing Awards
8 June 2011

National Multicultural Marketing Awards

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